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Power Wheelchairs: The Best Models for Your Mobility Needs

Physically disabled individuals often have trouble getting around. It can make everyday tasks very difficult and even impossible at times. A power wheelchair can help to increase mobility and independence. According to CDC, the United States has an estimated 61 million adults living with a disability. The number is expected to grow as the population ages.
There are many different types of power wheelchairs available on the market. It is essential to choose the right one for your specific needs. Let us see the best models available in the market.

1. Portable Power Wheelchairs

If you are searching for a power wheelchair that is easy to transport, you should consider a portable model. These chairs typically have smaller wheels and can be easily disassembled for storage or transportation. Some models even come with a carrying case!
There are many portable power wheelchairs on the market, like the Jazzy Select Elite or the Quickie QM-710. These include captain’s chairs, adjustable leg rests, and headrests.

2. Heavy-Duty Models

These are best for people on the heavier side, as they can support up to 700 pounds. If you have trouble getting around and need a wheelchair that can go over different types of terrain, then an all-terrain model would be best for you. These motorized wheelchairs have larger wheels that can handle rough terrains, like dirt roads or grass.
Some heavy-duty models come with a reclining seat, so you can take a nap or sit back and relax. You can also get one with a built-in leg rest, which is excellent if you have circulation problems or arthritis. If you use your wheelchair a lot, get one with adjustable armrests like the Jazzy Passport. This way, you can rest your arms in between uses.

3. Folding Power Wheelchairs

Folding power wheelchairs offer excellent portability and convenience, as they can be easily folded up and transported in a vehicle. Many models also come with detachable parts to customize the chair to your needs. The best models like Jazzy Select Elite have a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Other great features include adjustable armrests, seat height, and footrests.
If you are looking for a power wheelchair that is both comfortable and durable, then a folding model is the way to go.

4. Elevating Power Wheelchairs

Elevating power wheelchairs are designed for users who need extra help getting in and out of their chairs. These chairs have a built-in mechanism that allows them to be raised up and down, making it easy for the user to get in and out of their chair with minimal effort.

Today’s best models of elevating power wheelchairs include the Pride Jazzy Air Chair, which features a patented air-lift system that makes it easy to raise and lower the chair. This model has unique “stabilizing wheels” that keep the chair from tipping over when not in use.

Get Started on Finding the Perfect Power Wheelchair

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor electric wheelchair, Mobility Maxx has a variety of models that will suit your needs. We carry leading brands such as Pride, Golden, and Jazzy, and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect chair for your individual needs.

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