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Power Wheelchairs

Selecting a Power Wheelchair

Travel / Portable / Folding
  • Designed for portability and to work in compact or crowded spaces like apartments, cruise ships, stores, etc..
  • Disassembled by removing the seat, battery pack and base
  • Components are relatively lightweight
  • Some lifting involved when moving the heaviest piece
  • Folding scooters are very portable easily fitting into vehicle trucks or cargo areas
  • Very sturdy and durable, built for everyday use
  • Designed with many extra features including faster speeds, longer battery ranges, higher weight capacities and higher ground clearances
  • Easy to maneuver and can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Available in all drive types; rear-wheel, front-wheel and mid-wheel
  • May require a vehicle lift to transport
  • Designed for higher weight capacities (300 lbs. to 650 lbs.)
  • Very sturdy and durable, built for everyday use
  • Available in all drive types; rear-wheel, front-wheel and mid-wheel
  • Most models do not disassemble, vehicle lift is required to transport

Drive-Wheel Differences

Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Some of the most stable chairs on the market
  • Weight is distributed to the back of the chair
  • Highest top speeds available
  • Have the largest turning radius
  • Going up very step hills can cause the chair to lean back on the anit-tip tubes
Front-Wheel Drive
  • The Drive-Wheels are in front of the seat
  • Ideal for uneven terrain and up and down hills
  • Can climb over small obstacles
  • Slower top speeds
  • Because most of the chair is behind you it is important to be aware of what is behind you at all times
Mid-Wheel Drive
  • The Drive-Wheels are essentially under you
  • Center of gravity is just about even with the center of the drive-wheels
  • Ideal for maneuvering in small, tight places
  • Not ideal for varied or uneven terrain that has steep transitions
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