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Viva Lift Chairs

Review: 5 Best Lift Chairs for Sleeping Comfortably for Elders

From vehicle lifts to drive wheelchairs, the range of mobility that you can experience today with modern technology has increased and given more independence for you to travel or rest.

With so many options available in the market today for those who are looking for a comfortable lift chair for daily use, you might be confused about which one is ideal for you. We’ve come up with some of the most popular and best-reviewed lift chairs that can provide you with comfortable sleep but also is ideal for regular use while you’re awake.

VivaLift Legacy PLR-958L Lift Chair

Giving you complete control through a USB remote with soft-touch buttons, the VivaLift Legacy line provides the ultimate comfort with its plush lining and reclining features. Built to handle up to 400 lbs., this chair has a lithium battery backup to power your needs at any time.

Offered in three different colors, you can choose the style that fits the aesthetic of your space the most with this model.

VivaLift! Elegance Infinite

Position Lift Chair PLR-975M. For those who’re fans of classic aesthetics with a twist, the Elegance PLR-975 offers multiple sizes for this much-loved product. The power-adjustable headrest lets you control whether you want to rest your head in a reclining position or bring it forward.

It is ideal for those who have a contemporary interior design in their home. It features a USB port for those who want to recharge their electronics while resting. With its lift mechanism, experience greater freedom and range of motion at the touch of a button

Golden Relaxer Maxicomfort Lift Chair PR-756

With a recliner and lift chair in one, you can eliminate pressure and pain in your back with its zero-gravity technology. It can tilt you back and forward so you can stand and sit at ease when using this chair.

It comes in five different colors, along with their personal AutoDrive 3.0 hand control that lets you recline or move your chair as you wish. Their hand control also has four memory buttons that you can program to remember your favorite positions.

Pride LC-101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair

With four color options and a 3-position full recline, there is no shortage of options when it comes to this lift chair. Pride has a range of lift chairs and power wheelchairs that are fit for the mobility needs of any senior citizen, and their LC-101 also features a USB hand control for ultimate ease.

You can recline this chair completely whenever you need to take a nap or tilt it forward to help you stand. Its quiet functioning will hardly make a sound as the seat reclines into your favorite position.

Drive Medical Portland Riser Recliner Lift Chair

With memory foam cushions, this lift chair can provide good mobility along with comfort for your daily requirements. Its high-quality upholstery made of sofa material lets you sink into the chair as soon as you sit on it.

With a 2-year warranty and a weight capacity of 150 kg, it’s hard to not love this chair. Its dual-motor mechanism lets you find the perfect napping position within minutes.

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