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Travel Scooters Vs. Full-Size Portable Mobility Scooters

Being informed about all types of portable mobility scooters available today and what they can offer is crucial to making the right choice. Enhancing your independence with the right scooter is crucial for your happiness.
A travel scooter is ideal for many reasons, and when you’re looking to make the right choice, your lifestyle needs to be a crucial factor. Here is why a travel scooter might be better for you compared to full-size portable mobility scooters:

Easy to Store

Travel scooters are made to be compact, which means that when you’re not using them, they can be stored away easily. Many full-size portable mobility scooters can’t be folded, only disassembled, which makes them a nightmare to store. A travel scooter is your friend when you need something compact and easy to stow away.

If you’re looking for a simple scooter to use when you’re out and about, a travel scooter is ideal since it can be taken into any store as well. You don’t have to worry about not fitting in through doors or on sidewalks.

Versatile For Every Situation

Whether you’re looking to get onto public transport or on a crowded sidewalk, a travel scooter gives you the versatility to get anywhere. Indoors or outdoors, travel scooters are the one disability scooter that makes it easy for you to navigate around in any situation.
A full-size mobility scooter, no matter how portable it is, will be challenging to get onto a lift, especially considering its weight. With a travel scooter, these issues don’t arise so you can enjoy your mobility and independence as much as possible.

Convenient to Transport

Traveling to another city or country? Normal mobility scooters can have difficulty passing through airports and getting onto airplanes, but that’s not the case with travel scooters. They can easily fit into car trunks and closets and go on planes. They generally have some folding mechanism that makes them easy to transport, no matter where you plan.
Depending on the travel scooter you’re looking for, you can find ones that can fit into a suitcase. A full-size portable scooter can’t be transported and are hard to even fit into car trunks. You might also need a special mechanism to get full-size portable scooters onto vehicles, which is not the case with travel scooters.


Many people hesitate to get travel scooters because of the misconception that they are not durable. While a full-size portable scooter is more heavy-duty than a travel scooter, it doesn’t mean that travel scooters are not durable. They are made of lightweight materials that are easy to fold and carry around.

These materials (generally aluminum alloys or high-quality plastic) are durable and have been tested rigorously to provide the best support and mobility. You can also look through reviews to gauge which models are better quality and fit for your lifestyle.
Looking For A High-Quality Travel Scooter? We Can Help

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality travel scooter to accompany you on your travels, Mobility Maxx can help. Our comprehensive range of mobility scooters makes it easy for you to choose one based on your requirements. If you need help, simply reach out to our customer support to find the best solution. Call us at 866-628-6299 to find the right scooter for you.

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